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The purpose of this chapter is to:

(a) Maintain and protect food sovereignty and Tribal control, free from outside corporate interests and unnecessary and overreaching preemption by any outside governments, of the agriculture, environment, Tribal health, welfare, and economy as they pertain to genetic contamination from genetically engineered organisms;

(b) Prohibit any person, corporation, or entity from propagating, raising, growing, spawning, incubating, or releasing genetically engineered organisms within the territory of the Tribe;

(c) Educate and protect the Yurok community as to the health and environmental hazards of genetically engineered foods, and to work towards labeling and/or phasing out the sale and provision of such foods on Tribal lands;

(d) Declare the Yurok Tribal Territory to be a zone kept free from genetically engineered or modified seeds, plants, fish, and animals. This will preserve a healthy and safe place for our traditional seeds, plants, animals, and fish, as well as for our children and future generations to thrive within the boundaries of our territory in health, strength, and harmony; and

(e) Enable the Tribe to enforce the genetically engineered organism prohibitions and recover the costs of such enforcement. [Ord. 46 § 8004, adopted, 12/10/2015.]