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Three separate commercial fisheries for fall Chinook salmon exist, subject to adjustment:

(a) Sale to Requa Buyers. Buyers may be contracted to purchase fish at the Requa Buying Station.

(b) Find Own Market (FOM) Fishery. The FOM fishery allows Tribal members who have acquired a permit from the Tribe to sell fresh fish from the estuary to markets they find themselves. If the harvest monitors have time, they can inspect the fish and issue the fisher a receipt stating how many fish are eligible for sale, which the fisher can take to the checkpoint to get a permit instead of taking the actual fish to the checkpoint.

(c) Value Added Fishery. The Value Added Fishery allows eligible fishers to add value to the fish, such as by smoking or freezing for later sale. Fish not harvested as specified for fresh fish must have the dorsal fin clipped. Fish to be smoked may be harvested in the estuary or the Middle and Upper Klamath management areas. Fish to be frozen may be harvested only in the estuary. [Ord. 44 § 1404, adopted, 7/23/2015.]