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(a) Payment and Use. Contractors shall pay the TERO fee to the Yurok Tribe or appropriate Tribal entity and such amount shall be credited to the TERO account. TERO fees shall be used to carry out the purposes of this division, such as job training and preparedness.

(b) Contractor Consent to Automatic Deduction. For all contracts awarded by the Tribe or a Tribal entity, a contractor shall consent to the Tribe or the Tribal entity deducting the TERO fee amount from the total amount due the contractor under the contract and to pay that amount directly to the Yurok Tribe.

(c) Automatic Deduction of TERO Fee. The Yurok Tribe Fiscal Department, or corresponding department of a Tribal entity, shall automatically deduct the TERO fee from an invoiced amount due a contractor.

(d) Authority to Invoice for TERO Fee. The Yurok Tribe Fiscal Department shall have the authority to invoice contractors for the TERO fee, if the TERO fee is not automatically deducted. [Ord. 58 § 4602, amended, 5/9/2019; Ord. 34 § 4602, adopted, 2/6/2014.]