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The Tribal Council in its sole discretion and by resolution may waive the TERO fee for any contract or activity. In addition, the TERO fee is waived for the following activities:

(a) Participation on a Tribal committee;

(b) Yurok Tribe timber harvest contracts;

(c) Contracts utilizing exclusively TERO funds for training or job preparedness;

(d) Contracts for cultural education services;

(e) Contracts for child care;

(f) Construction contracts for homes for Yurok Tribal members, where the Tribal member is required to repay the home loan;

(g) Contracts for cultural monitoring; and

(h) Contracts for Yurok language services. [Ord. 58 § 4603, amended, 5/9/2019; Ord. 34 § 4603, adopted, 2/6/2014.]