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Indians have unique and special employment rights, and are entitled to the protection of laws established by the federal government to combat employment discrimination on or near Indian reservations, including the following:

(a) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, including Section 703(i), which makes Indian and Tribal member preference in employment possible.

(b) Executive Order 11246, enforced by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and exempting from the general requirements contractors extending preference in employment for Indians living on or near an Indian Reservation, and which further prohibits discrimination among Indians as a group on the basis of religion, sex, or Tribal affiliation. Executive Order 11246 applies only to employers working under federal contracts.

(c) The Indian Self-Determination Act, Section 7(b) of Public Law 93-638, which provides for Indian preference in employment, training, and contracting or subcontracting on all contracts negotiated or let on behalf of an Indian tribe.

(d) The Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968, which prohibits Indian Tribal governments from enacting or enforcing laws that violate certain individual rights similar to those individual rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. [Ord. 58 § 4002, amended, 5/9/2019; Ord. 34 § 4002, adopted, 2/6/2014.]