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The Yurok Tribal Council is enacting the ordinance codified in this division to build the workforce capacity of Yurok Tribal members and Indian people and to help provide for their health and economic wellbeing.

The Yurok Tribal Council operates under a constitutional mandate to protect the sovereignty of the Yurok Tribe and to provide for the cultural, social, and economic wellbeing of current and future Yurok Tribal members. In fulfillment of its duty to guarantee the unique employment rights of all Yurok Tribal members and other Indians within its jurisdiction, the Yurok Tribal Council hereby reaffirms and reestablishes the TERO and establishes standards and procedural guidelines with the following purposes:

(a) To prevent employment-related discrimination against Indians;

(b) To ensure compliance with this division that is intended to give preference in employment, contracting and subcontracting, and training to Indians;

(c) To maximize utilization of Indian workers in all employment opportunities on Yurok lands;

(d) To ensure that the Indians seeking employment on Yurok lands are trained and equipped to enter the workforce and maintain employment of their choosing;

(e) To ensure due process for all individuals affected by the application of this division’s requirements; and

(f) To provide clarity to Indian workers, covered employers, and contractors regarding TERO requirements and greater efficiency in the TERO process. [Ord. 58 § 4003, amended, 5/9/2019; Ord. 34 § 4003, adopted, 2/6/2014.]