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(a) Responsibilities. The Board Chairperson shall be responsible for all arrangements necessary to conduct an election. The Board Chairperson shall be responsible for securing ballots and other election materials necessary to conduct voting in each district. Only the official register of voters will be kept or maintained until the election results are certified by the Board. No separate handwritten list which will jeopardize the sanctity of the ballot shall be kept by any member of the Election Board or designated polling official.

(b) Private Booths for Voting. The Election Board and polling officials shall provide sufficient private booths for the voters to mark their ballots in secrecy.

(c) Number of Polling Officials. There will be three polling officials for each polling place and at least two of the polling officials shall be present at all times at the designated polling places on election day to permit voting to begin when the polls open. Two polling officials shall also be present until the polls close, all ballots have been counted, the tally properly recorded, and the ballot boxes and the ballots turned over for delivery as provided in this chapter.

(d) Locking of Ballot Box. Before the voting begins, the polling officials shall open and inspect the ballot box to determine that it is empty. The ballot box shall then be locked and shall remain locked until the district tally of ballots has been completed by the polling officials as outlined in YTC 3.40.080 and 3.40.090. Once the district tally has been completed, the ballot boxes will be locked. Keys to the ballot boxes shall be placed in a sealed, signed, and dated envelope, and the envelope inserted into the ballot box. A duplicate set of keys to the election file cabinet and ballot box keys shall remain in the custody of the Board Chairperson. [Ord. 56 § 4704, amended, 5/9/2019; Ord. 42 § 4704, adopted, 3/4/2015.]