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At any time, a proposed ward, immediate family member, guardian, or the Court may make a motion to terminate the guardianship(s). At such time, the Court shall order an investigation and commence a hearing to evaluate the petition and any evidence offered. The Court may grant termination of the guardianship(s) upon a showing that the guardianship(s) is no longer necessary or convenient, or that the conditions underlying the necessity of the guardianship(s) have ceased to exist, and/or that termination of the guardianship(s) is in the best interest of the ward. The best interest consideration must include the wishes and estate planning efforts of the ward.

The guardian(s) may wish to terminate their responsibility of the ward due to a change of capacity or circumstances. In such circumstances, the guardian(s) may petition the Court for relief, but there must be an appropriate adult to take over the care and custody of the ward, and the ward may be placed in protective custody of the Yurok Tribe until such an adult is identified. [Ord. 74 § 4020, adopted, 8/26/2021.]