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(a) No member may be expelled or suspended, and no membership(s) may be terminated or suspended, until the member has been afforded rights to a procedure that is fair and reasonable under the circumstances, and that is carried out in good faith by those seeking expulsion, termination, or suspension.

(b) A procedure is fair and reasonable when:

(1) It provides for written notice to the member setting forth, with specificity, the reasons for the proposed expulsion, suspension or termination; and

(2) It provides a reasonable opportunity for the member to be heard by the person(s) authorized to decide the matter prior to the proposed action.

(c) A procedure deviating from any procedure(s) set forth in the bylaws for the expulsion, termination or suspension of members, or membership rights, is per se not fair and reasonable, unless special circumstances warrant such a deviation.

(d) Any proceeding challenging an expulsion, suspension or termination, including one where defective notice is alleged, must be commenced within one year following the effective date of the expulsion, suspension or termination. [Ord. 18 Part VI § 14, adopted, 10/7/2008.]