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(a) The articles of incorporation shall set forth:

(1) A name for the corporation that satisfies the requirements of this chapter; and

(2) A statement that states either:

(A) “This corporation is a public benefit corporation”; or

(B) “This corporation is a mutual benefit corporation”; and

(3) The purpose(s) for which the corporation is organized, so long as the proposed activity is lawful; and

(4) The names and addresses of individuals who are to serve as the initial board of directors; and

(5) The street address of the corporation’s registered office; and

(6) The name of its initial registered agent at that office; and

(7) The name and address of each incorporator; and

(8) A statement disclosing whether the corporation will have members; and

(9) Provisions regarding the distribution of assets upon dissolution.

(b) The articles of incorporation may set forth provisions:

(1) Defining management and regulation of corporate affairs; and

(2) Defining, limiting, and regulating the powers of the corporation, its board of directors, and members, or class of members; and

(3) Describing, with specificity, the characteristics, qualifications, rights, limitations and obligations attaching to each class of members;

(4) That are required or permitted to be set forth in the bylaws.

(c) Each incorporator and director named in the articles of incorporation must sign the articles. [Ord. 18 Part VI § 6, adopted, 10/7/2008.]