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(a) Unless otherwise provided, the provisions of this chapter apply to all nonprofit corporations formed pursuant to provisions of this Code, except those corporations directly controlled by the Tribal Council.

(b) Any nonprofit corporation that exists within Yurok Reservation boundaries on the date of enactment of this chapter will not be affected by provisions of this Code, unless such corporation voluntarily elects to operate pursuant to the provisions of this Code.

(c) Any nonprofit corporation that elects not to form under provisions of the Yurok Tribal Business Corporations Code, but that is based within the Yurok Reservation, will not be entitled to any of its protections and benefits, except as may be directed by the Yurok Tribal Council on a case-by-case basis.

(d) The provisions of this chapter do not apply to any nonprofit organization, entity, club, or individual whose annual proceeds are $5,000.00 or less. [Ord. 18 Part VI § 1, adopted, 10/7/2008.]