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In accordance with the Constitution Article III, Section 4 and in order to be considered an eligible voter, a Tribal member shall register in one of the seven districts according to the following requirements:

(a) Each eligible voter who is a resident of a district shall register in that district.

(b) Each eligible voter who is not a resident within a district shall choose to register in the North, South, or East District.

(c) Those eligible voters who are temporarily not residing within their voting district will be allowed to vote in the district in which they are registered, if the eligible voter is currently:

(1) Attending school;

(2) Incarcerated; or

(3) In the armed services.

(d) A Tribal member who will be 18 years old by the next primary or special election shall be eligible to register to vote.

(e) Each potential voter must register to vote at least 45 days prior to the primary or special election in order to qualify as an eligible voter in the primary or special election, except as otherwise specified in YTC 3.15.060. [Ord. 56 § 4204, amended, 5/9/2019; Ord. 42 § 4204, adopted, 3/4/2015.]