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(a) Any member of the public who has a complaint may make that complaint, in writing on a form provided for that purpose, or otherwise, to the chief executive officer or general manager of the gaming facility.

(b) The chief executive office or general manager of the gaming facility shall attempt to mediate or resolve such complaints.

(c) If the member of public is not satisfied with the result of the mediation in subsection (b) of this section, within 14 days thereafter, he or she may file a complaint with the Gaming Commission, which shall determine the validity of such complaint, within 30 days of receipt and order appropriate remedies.

(d) Within 30 days of the decision of the Gaming Commission, appeals may be taken to the Yurok Tribal Court, which notwithstanding any other provision of Yurok law shall have jurisdiction under this section, whether or not the individual bringing the action is a member of the Yurok Tribe. The Tribal Court’s decision shall be final. [Ord. 3 § XI, adopted, 4/5/2000.]