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The Election Board shall post an official certification of the election results no later than 14 days immediately following the election certification. The Election Board may extend this deadline for a period not to exceed 30 days from the election certification for the purpose of resolving all valid contests in accordance with Chapter 3.50 YTC. Copies of the certification will be mailed to the Council, the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, and each person who was a candidate in the election.

When canvas of election results has been resolved, all marked and unmarked ballots will be turned over to the Board Chairperson who, with the assistance of the other members of the Election Board, will destroy all unmarked ballots. All marked ballots will be sealed and locked in a file cabinet, available for inspection by only the Election Board, until the Election Board has posted the official certification of the election results, and after which all marked ballots will be destroyed by the Election Board in accordance with YTC 3.10.070. [Ord. 56 § 4805, amended, 5/9/2019; Ord. 42 § 4805, adopted, 3/4/2015.]