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The Election Board shall have the final authority to determine any claim as to the right of any person, listed or not listed on the register of voters, to vote as prescribed in this chapter.

(a) Quorum. A quorum of the Election Board shall consist of four members.

(b) Meetings. Meetings may be called at any time upon proper notification to all Board members by the Chairperson or by the request of a majority of the Board to the Chairperson. In the event the Chairperson fails to call a meeting as requested, any four members of the Board may convene a meeting upon proper notification to the other Board members. All meetings of the Election Board shall be open to the members of the Yurok Tribe. The Election Board shall provide an opportunity for Tribal member comment at each Election Board meeting. The Election Board may meet in executive session to discuss confidential matters.

(c) Notification. Proper notification shall be at least four days preceding the meeting by mail or two days preceding the meeting by telephone. The Chairperson may waive the notification period as he or she may determine necessary; provided, that the Chairperson has made a good faith effort to notify all Board members. [Ord. 56 § 4104, amended, 5/9/2019; Ord. 42 § 4104, adopted, 3/4/2015.]