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The utility authority shall keep customers notified about changes in fees, rates, solid waste collection schedule, water quality regulatory compliance, levels of service and any other information which may affect customers’ use of services. Notices may be included in monthly billing statements or may be disseminated to the public through separate mailings, newsletters, Tribal newspaper or posting throughout the community and/or appropriate locations.

Any person filing a complaint or seeking information shall be given assistance in a courteous manner. Complaints may be presented verbally or in writing to any Yurok Public Utility District staff member for resolution and action. Complaints that cannot be resolved within 10 days should be referred to the utility authority in writing. The utility authority will resolve such complaints at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the utility authority if at all possible. [Ord. 71 § 1414, amended, 1/21/2021; Ord. 66 § 1414, amended, 2/6/2020; Ord. 55 § 1414, adopted, 2/21/2019.]