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The utility authority may assume responsibility for providing sanitary disposal of domestic liquid waste for a fee to those houses, businesses and institutions connected to the main lines of sewage. Further, the Yurok Public Utility District may assume responsibility for the maintenance and repair of sanitary sewage disposal systems and storm sewer systems. Responsibility for maintenance includes treatment facilities, pumping stations, mainlines, manholes, and service lines to the individual property lines. Tribal sewage collection, treatment and disposal systems shall be managed such that applicable federal regulations of the Clean Water Act and the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System are satisfied. The utility authority shall maintain an up-to-date list of those sanitary sewage disposal systems and treatment and disposal facilities that are owned and/or operated by the utility authority.

The utility authority may provide individual on-site sewage disposal systems installed under a utility district permit, including individual pumping stations, and for pumping the septic tanks on a periodic basis. The service line from the property line to the house or the septic tank inlet to the house and interior house plumbing are and remain the responsibility of the customer. [Ord. 71 § 1404, amended, 1/21/2021; Ord. 66 § 1404, amended, 2/6/2020; Ord. 55 § 1404, adopted, 2/21/2019.]