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The utility authority shall meet in no case less than once per year and whenever business demands. Regular and special meetings shall be called by the chairperson. Any three directors may request the chairperson, in writing, to schedule a special meeting of the utility authority. The Tribal Council may in writing call a special meeting of the utility authority or a joint meeting between the Tribal Council and the utility authority. Meetings shall be held in public places, including the various Tribal offices, and the utility authority shall provide public notice of regular meetings by mailing notices to customers with their monthly billing statement, and posting on any YPUD website, or posted in Klamath, Weitchpec, and Worthington Tribal Offices. Emergency meetings may be convened without notice, in cases of emergency where loss of life, limb or property is threatened, or where the continued operation or fiscal capability of the utility district may be in jeopardy. All regularly scheduled meetings shall be open to Tribal members and customers of the utility district. [Ord. 71 § 1210, amended, 1/21/2021; Ord. 66 § 1210, amended, 2/6/2020; Ord. 55 § 1210, adopted, 2/21/2019.]