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The Yurok public utility authority shall adopt an annual budget for its operations. The utility authority shall submit an operations budget annually to the Tribal Council by June 30th for review and final approval. The utility authority shall have a board of directors, which will also serve as the directors of the Yurok Public Utility District. In the absence of a utility authority, the Tribal Council shall carry out the responsibilities of the utility authority. The utility authority’s board of directors shall oversee the management of the public utilities of the Tribe, and obtain and disburse funds in accordance with the approved budgets required for the operation, maintenance and expansion of the Yurok Public Utility District. The utility authority shall have the power to solicit funds from federal, state, or other sources, and to petition the Tribal Council for additional funding in the form of contributions from the general revenues of the Tribe, through the establishment of regular assessments, or implementation of a general levy within the boundaries of the utility district.

To fulfill these responsibilities, the utility authority shall have the power to:

(a) Levy and collect reasonable fees, liens, fines, garnishments, and monies for utility and other services, or other actions in the event of water shortage as specified in YTC 25.20.200;

(b) Provide for the hiring and compensation of appropriate management and maintenance personnel, including a general manager to lead the utility authority’s day-to-day operations;

(c) Adopt appropriate rules and regulations to implement the requirements of this title;

(d) Authorize disbursement of funds for operation, maintenance, capital improvements and repair of utility services;

(e) Contract with vendors and contractors to assure that safe and reliable utility services are available to and utilized by customers;

(f) Authorize investment of Yurok Public Utility District funds in interest bearing instruments or accounts with institutions chartered and insured for such purposes by the federal government. Monthly statements for the Yurok Public Utility District investment funds shall be forwarded to the Tribal Council within 10 days of receipt of statements. [Ord. 71 § 1204, amended, 1/21/2021; Ord. 66 § 1204, amended, 2/6/2020; Ord. 55 § 1204, adopted, 2/21/2019.]