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Article IX. Enforcement
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The provisions of this chapter and the building codes adopted by previous Tribal Council action are subject to enforcement and penalty provisions.

(a) Any person that violates this chapter or the provisions of a permit issued pursuant to this chapter shall be liable for all damage to Tribal land, and structures hereon, arising from such violation, including the cost of restoring the affected lands, or affected structures, to their condition prior to such violation;

(b) Whenever work is being done contrary to this chapter, the Department may order the work stopped (“enforcement order”) by notice in writing served on any person engaged in the work or causing the work to be done, and that person shall stop work immediately until authorized by the Department to proceed with the work;

(c) The Department shall develop rules, under its rulemaking authority granted under this chapter, setting out appropriate fines, sanctions and mitigating actions related to its enforcement of provisions of this chapter. Such rules shall be approved by Tribal Council and copies provided to each applicant for a permit. [Ord. 50.1 § 4801, adopted, 5/11/2017.]