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The following materials shall be submitted along with the completed and signed application:

(a) Two copies of the present owners’ of record vesting deeds, and a lot book report or title report for each lot.

(b) Six copies of a lot line adjustment plot plan accurately drawn to scale on one sheet of paper at least eight-and-one-half-inch by eleven-inch in size that shows the following information for each lot to be adjusted:

(1) All exterior and interior lines shall be shown on the map and dimensioned based on information of record;

(2) Proposed new lines and lines to be eliminated shall be so identified in written notation or by legend. Lines to be eliminated shall be dashed or otherwise drawn so as to be clearly distinguishable from and subordinate to remaining and new lines;

(3) Areas (in square footage or acreage) of the initial and resulting parcels shall be identified;

(4) All existing structures, their uses, and other constructed improvements, located within 50 feet of the proposed new boundaries, shall be accurately located and shown with dimensions from the property lines;

(5) The names, county road numbers, and widths of abutting rights-of-way and their locations;

(6) The location, purpose, and width of all proposed and existing easements, streets, and appurtenant utilities located within 100 feet of the proposed new boundaries;

(7) The approximate location of all watercourses, drainage channels, and existing drainage structures located within 100 feet of the proposed new boundaries;

(8) Approximate high-water lines of all areas subject to inundation location within 100 feet of the proposed new boundaries;

(9) Assessed owners and parcel numbers;

(10) North arrow and scale;

(11) Vicinity map, if the location cannot be determined from the plot plan;

(12) Location of wells and septic tanks and primary and reserve septic leach areas within 100 feet of proposed new boundaries;

(13) Location and existence of any life estates or other future interests.

(c) Fees per the Tribe’s adopted schedule.

(d) A written statement from the applicant explaining the reason(s) for the proposed adjustment. This statement is to assist the applicant in ensuring that the lot line adjustment will accomplish the applicant’s goal. The statement will have no effect on review or approval of the lot line adjustment.

(e) The Tribe may distribute the application to any affected public agencies and public utility districts or companies for review and comment. [Ord. 43 § 3705, adopted, 6/10/2015.]