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It is the Tribe’s policy to provide for the adjustment of property boundaries between contiguous parcels in a manner consistent with Tribal and California law. The Administrator and Planning Director shall limit their review and approval to a determination of whether or not the parcels resulting from the lot line adjustment will conform to local building and zoning ordinances. The Tribe shall not impose conditions or exactions on its approval of a lot line adjustment except to conform to local zoning and building ordinances, or except to facilitate the relocation of existing utilities, infrastructure, or easements. No tentative map, parcel map, or final map shall be required as a condition of approval to the lot line adjustment.

The lot line adjustment shall be reflected in a deed and in a record of survey or notice of lot line adjustment, which shall be recorded. However, when parcels being adjusted are held in common ownership, no new deeds shall be required for the purpose of the lot line adjustment process, but a notice of lot line adjustment shall be required.

This policy reflects a distinction between subdivision, as defined by this title as a type of land division development, and lot line adjustment, which is not a land division or a development. [Ord. 43 § 3703, adopted, 6/10/2015.]