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(a) Application. A person seeking approval for a parcel merger shall submit a completed application to the Subdivision Administrator.

(b) Review of Application for Completeness. The Administrator shall review an application and determine whether it complies with submittal requirements. If the application does not comply with submittal requirements, the Administrator shall notify the applicant of the application deficiencies and invite the applicant to revise the application to correct the deficiencies. If or when the application complies with all submittal requirements, the Administrator shall accept the application as complete and notify the applicant of its acceptance.

If the applicant submits a revised application, the application must again be reviewed unless the Subdivision Administrator deems that the revision is minor and that the revised application continues to comply with the submittal requirements.

(c) Review of Application for Material Compliance. Once the Administrator determines that an application is complete, the Administrator shall review the application materials for material compliance with this title.

(d) Approval of Application. If the Administrator determines that an application and materials are in compliance with this title, then the Administrator shall submit the application materials, along with any additional reasonable adjustments, additions, and changes as conditions for approval, to the Planning Director for review. If the Planning Director concurs in the Administrator’s determination of compliance, then the Administrator shall submit the initiation of merger to Council for approval with the Planning Director’s recommendation whether to approve or deny the application and parcel merger. If the Planning Director decides to recommend denying the application and parcel merger, the Planning Director shall provide the Council with the reasons for the recommendation in writing.

The Council maintains final authority to approve, deny, or approve with conditions, in its sole discretion, any application and parcel merger. Council approval is an acceptance of the parcel merger’s general layout as submitted and indicates to the applicant that the applicant may proceed toward the final parcel merger in accordance with the Council’s decision and this title.

(e) Withdrawal of Application. An applicant may withdraw an application for a parcel merger at any time by submitting written notice of the withdrawal to the Subdivision Administrator.

(f) Timeliness of Review. The Subdivision Administrator and Planning Director shall make every reasonable effort to process, review, and decide applications in a timely manner, consistent with the need to fully consider the proposed subdivision’s impact with respect to applicable regulations. [Ord. 43 § 3607, adopted, 6/10/2015.]