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(a) The Department shall retain, for a period of at least three calendar years, all information required to be collected by this chapter for every registered land area approved by the Department.

(b) Within 15 calendar days after the date on which the information is received, or within such other period of time set forth in the USDA hemp regulations at 7 C.F.R. Part 990 et seq. as amended from time to time, the Yurok Tribe shall submit to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture the following information for each hemp producer within the territories of the Tribe:

(1) Contact information for each hemp producer, including the legal entity name, full name of all authorized representatives, the street address of each registered land area, or other identifier such as an APN, the business telephone number, and email address of each licensee (to the extent available); and

(2) A legal description of the registered land area; and

(3) The status of a license or other required authorization from the Department.

(c) The Tribe will report for each Tribal producer what was included in the previous report and whose reported information has changed. The report shall include the previously reported information and the new information.

(d) The Department will fulfill information sharing obligations under the USDA hemp regulations, including requiring Tribal producers to report their hemp crop acreage to the USDA Farm Service Agency per 7 C.F.R. Part 990.7, including:

(1) Street address and to the extent practicable geospatial location for each lot/greenhouse where Tribal producer will grow hemp;

(2) Total hemp acreage/greenhouse indoor square footage; and

(3) Tribal hemp license number.

(e) The Department shall assign each Tribal producer with a license identifier in format compliant as prescribed by USDA.

(f) Tribal producers shall report the total acreage of hemp planted, harvested, and disposed to the Department.

(g) The Department shall then collect this info and report to Agricultural Marketing Service (“AMS”) and the administration of the Seed Regulatory and Testing Division (“S&T”). [Ord. 78 § 22101, amended, 6/23/2022; Ord. 68 § 22102, amended, 5/21/2020.]