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Article II. Policies and Procedures
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This chapter creates the Department of Agriculture. The Department shall set the policies and procedures for all hemp production.

(a) Tribal Council hereby delegates to the Department the authority to modify, adapt, or amend their policies and procedures as necessary, to keep them in line with best practices and procedures.

(b) All modifications, adoptions, or amendments by the Department of policies and procedures must be approved by Tribal Council through resolution.

(c) The Department shall produce and maintain the following forms:

(1) Producer License Application Packet.

(2) Field Planting Report.

(3) Greenhouse/Indoor Planting Report.

(4) Harvest/Destruction Report.

(5) Producer Production Report Form.

(6) Process/Handler Production Report and Annual License Renewal.

(7) Site Modification Request Form.

(8) Domestic Seed/Propagule Request Requirements.

(9) International Seed Request Requirements.

(10) Processor/Handler License Application.

(d) The Department shall set administrative procedures for and may impose damages, fines, and fees for violations of this chapter.

(e) The Department shall maintain laboratory testing policies that are consistent with federal and Tribal requirements and best practices.

(f) The Department shall set and maintain a fee schedule for all applicable fees, including but not limited to license application fees, testing fees, modification fees, and all other appropriate fees. [Ord. 78 § 22101, amended, 6/23/2022; Ord. 68 § 22101, amended, 5/21/2020.]