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The purpose of this chapter is to assert Tribal sovereignty and to:

(a) Create a Department of Agriculture to manage the Yurok Tribe Hemp Program; and

(b) Regulate hemp as an agricultural commodity in compliance with Tribal and federal law; and

(c) Promote economic development for the Yurok Tribe through the production/processing of hemp and the development of new commercial sales for farmers and businesses through the sale of hemp products; and

(d) Enable the Yurok Tribe, its licensees, and any potentially affiliated institutions of higher education, to conduct research regarding the production of hemp within the territories of the Tribe; and

(e) Promote this territory’s hemp industry; and

(f) Encourage and empower research into hemp production and the creation of hemp products at institutions of higher education and in the private sector. [Ord. 78 § 22003, amended, 6/23/2022; Ord. 68 § 22003, amended, 5/21/2020.]