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(a) Monetary Remedies and Fines.

(1) All monetary remedies and fines shall be paid to the Yurok Tribe as the Heyhl-keek ‘We-roy’s trustee.

(2) All fines, punitive, and nominal monetary remedies shall be deposited in the Heyhl-keek ‘We-roy’s trust account.

(3) Enforcement, administrative, cleanup, mitigation, and litigation costs, including attorney fees, that are paid to the Yurok Tribe shall be distributed to:

(A) The Yurok Tribal departments to reimburse for costs related to a specific case enforcing the Heyl-keek ‘We-roy’s rights; and

(B) The Heyl-keek ‘We-roy trust account if trust funds were used to pay for the enforcement, administrative, cleanup, mitigation, and/or litigation costs for a specific case enforcing the Heyl-keek ‘We-roy’s rights.

(b) Injunction Remedies.

(1) The Yurok Tribe shall conduct an investigation to ensure all injunction court orders have been followed.

(c) Community Service and Education Remedies.

(1) The Yurok Tribe shall organize or identify community service opportunities and educational courses that will satisfy any court ordered community service or education. [Ord. 85 § 4306, adopted, 2/22/2024.]