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Authority: The ordinance codified in this chapter prohibiting open dumping on the Yurok Reservation is established by the Yurok Tribal Council under the authority delegated to it by Article IV, Section 5 of the Constitution of the Yurok Tribe, as ratified on November 19, 1993. Article IV, Section 5 states in part: “…the Yurok Tribal Council shall have the authority to enact legislation, rules and regulations not inconsistent with the Constitution to further the objectives of the Yurok Tribe as reflected in the Preamble to this Constitution; [and to] enact civil and criminal laws.” Yurok Tribal Resolution No. 9547 declared open dumping to be illegal within the Yurok Reservation in accordance with federal and state statutes, local ordinances, and Tribal law, and further directed the Yurok Tribal Council to “have prepared and to execute all necessary certifications, public notices, and other documents in support of this Council action, and to direct the preparation of proposed enforcement action and recommendations for the Tribal Court in prosecuting violations of this Tribal mandate.” The Yurok Tribal Court is hereby directed to hear any cases brought before them for violations of this chapter, and to impose penalties in accordance with the schedule and criteria set forth in YTC 21.40.040, 21.40.050, 21.40.060, and 21.40.070.