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(a) Prosecution. Any person(s) who violate this chapter (or their legal guardians, in the case of a minor, per YTC 21.10.040) may be subject to prosecution before the Yurok Tribal Court.

(b) Citations. Law enforcement officers may issue citations to any person(s) suspected of having violated this chapter. The retrieval of two pieces of addressed mail or other name-labeled property from illegally dumped trash shall constitute sufficient prima facie evidence for the issuance of a citation. The retrieval of one piece of named evidence shall be grounds for the issuance of a warning citation. In instances where dumping has been witnessed and reported, even without the retrieval of prima facie evidence, a law enforcement officer is authorized to issue a citation to the violator. When this chapter is applied to unlawful accumulation of wastes upon an individual’s privately owned property or individually held assignment, no prima facie evidence is required for assignment of culpability.

(c) Warnings. In the case where an officer finds it appropriate to issue a warning to a violator or suspected violator, the officer may require a receipt from an appropriate transfer station or dump for the proper disposal of the refuse within a specified time period. If the officer does not receive such receipt, the officer may issue a citation and proceed with the provisions in YTC 21.40.070. [Ord. 9 § 6 (a – c), adopted, 9/9/2004.]