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“Constitution” means the Constitution of the Yurok Tribe, as ratified on November 19, 1993.

“Dumping” means the open disposal, depositing, burying, or nonpermitted burning of any waste materials, other than at-home organic compost piles (as defined in YTC 21.40.010).

“Waste materials” means any items or materials being disposed of, including (but not limited to) solid waste, trash, or garbage (defined as easily decomposable or illegally dumped putrefactive animal and vegetable matter), rubbish (defined as nonputrefactive, nonorganic materials and plant matter, such as yard trimmings), glass, metals, plastics, papers, asbestos, construction waste materials, cardboard, batteries, chemicals, tires, used vehicles or appliances, furniture, etc.

“Yurok Tribal Council” means the duly elected nine-member governing body.

“Yurok Tribal Court” or “Court” means the Yurok Tribal Court as established by Chapter 1.10 YTC. [Ord. 9 § 3, adopted, 9/9/2004.]