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The purpose of this chapter is to establish a Yurok Tribal law prohibiting the open disposal, dumping, depositing, burying (other than small, residential compost piles of nonhazardous, organic materials produced on the premises and being tended for use as fertilizer) or unpermitted burning of any waste materials whatsoever on any lands or in any waters of the Yurok Reservation, in order to end the public health hazard being perpetuated by numerous individuals known and unknown to the Yurok Tribe; and, by bringing about the cessation of the illegal dumping, to hereby stop the resultant pollution of the soils, streams, ground water, and the Klamath River itself, which in turn has endangered the natural environment and the fishery resources belonging to all of the Yurok Tribe. [Ord. 9 § 2, adopted, 9/9/2004.]