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(a) In order to carry out the purposes of this chapter, any duly authorized representative of the Tribe has the authority to enter and inspect any property, premises, or facility involved in any mining or other activities under this chapter on any lands within the exterior boundaries of the Reservation. Such inspection may include:

(1) Obtaining samples of soil, rock, vegetation, air, water, or other substances deemed necessary;

(2) Setting up and maintaining monitoring equipment for the purpose of assessing compliance with applicable regulations or identifying health or safety hazards;

(3) Photographing any equipment, sample, activity, or environmental condition, subject to the following conditions:

(A) The Committee shall notify the permittee whose operation was photographed prior to public disclosure of such photographs; and

(B) Upon request of the permittee, the Tribal representative shall allow the permittee to inspect any such photograph prior to public disclosure to determine whether trade secret information would be revealed by the photograph;

(4) Reviewing and obtaining copies of required records.

(b) The Committee and Council are authorized to obtain from the Tribal Court a warrant for such entry and inspection if necessary. [Ord. 27 § 6020, adopted, 6/27/2012.]