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(a) Any person who proposes to engage in surface mining operations shall, prior to the commencement of such operations:

(1) Apply for and obtain a valid permit from Council according to the review procedure set forth in this chapter; and

(2) Obtain approval of a mining and reclamation plan, in accordance with the provisions set forth in this chapter.

(b) All submissions of a mining and reclamation plan for approval shall be made on any forms developed by the Committee for such purposes.

(c) Permit applications, any required environmental and cultural documents, and mining and reclamation plan proposals must demonstrate compliance with applicable tribal, state, and federal regulations, including but not limited to those pertaining to air and water quality, hazardous substances, environmental impact evaluations, National Historic Preservation Act evaluations, and stream bed alterations.

(d) Applicant shall be responsible for acquiring all necessary federal permits and compliance with applicable federal law.

(e) Applicant shall be responsible for acquiring all necessary state and local permits, e.g., encroachment permits for county or state roadways, and compliance with applicable state and local law. [Ord. 27 § 6011, adopted, 6/27/2012.]