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Article II. Establishment of Duties, Functions, and Authorities
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YTEP shall be responsible for:

(a) The designation of beneficial uses for Yurok waters;

(b) Developing a water quality control plan (WQCP) for the waters of the Reservation. The WQCP shall contain sections pertaining to beneficial uses, water quality criteria, and antidegradation policy;

(c) Identifying water bodies or sections of water bodies which do not support beneficial uses;

(d) Establishing and overseeing the Yurok Tribe’s water quality monitoring, enforcement, and compliance programs;

(e) Establishing and overseeing the Yurok Tribe’s point and nonpoint source permit review system;

(f) Conducting triannual assessments of the Yurok Tribe’s WQCP for review by the Tribal Council;

(g) Developing regulations to further the purposes of this chapter;

(h) Specifying document submission and record keeping requirements to be adhered to by all potential dischargers or applicants for permits;

(i) Issuing permits, in compliance with and as required by the WQCP;

(j) Entering and inspecting any properties, premises, or facilities involved in any activity which may affect water quality of any Yurok waters or any lands in or near the Reservation. Such inspections may include, but are not limited to:

(1) Obtaining samples of soil, rock, vegetation, air, water or other substances deemed necessary; and

(2) Setting up and maintaining monitoring equipment for the purpose of assessing compliance with beneficial uses, water quality criteria, antidegradation policy, applicable regulations, best management practices, or health or safety hazards. [Ord. 73 § 4101, amended, 5/21/2020.]