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In the wellhead protection area, the following regulations shall apply:

(a) The following uses are allowed within the designated wellhead protection area; provided, that all necessary permits, orders, or approvals required by the Yurok Tribe are obtained:

(1) Conservation of soil, water, plants, and wildlife;

(2) Outdoor recreation, nature study, boating, fishing, and hunting where otherwise legally allowed;

(3) Foot, bicycle and/or horse paths, and bridges;

(4) Normal operation and maintenance of existing water bodies and dams, splash boards, and other water control, supply, and conservation devices;

(5) Farming, gardening, nursery, conservation, forestry, harvesting, and grazing;

(6) Construction, maintenance, repair, and enlargement of drinking water supply-related facilities such as, but not limited to, wells, pipelines, aqueducts, and tunnels. [Ord. 73 § 4303, amended, 5/21/2020.]