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YTEP and Yurok Tribal Police (YTP) are authorized and directed to conduct the following activities to enforce the provisions of this chapter:

(a) Issue citations or notices of violation under this chapter;

(b) Enter at reasonable times into, on, or through any public or private property to conduct routine inspections, data collection, or inspections to address reasonable suspicion of ordinance violations, to monitor compliance with the provisions of this chapter, and any rules or regulations promulgated pursuant to this chapter.

When YTEP and/or Tribal Police enter private property for the purpose of inspection, it shall be:

(1) In response to an emergency that affects the health, welfare, and safety of the community, or

(2) Consented to by the landowner in permit applications or other agreements with the Yurok Tribe, or

(3) Supported by a warrant issued based on probable cause;

(c) Coordinate with Tribal and local land management agencies, as needed, to enforce the provisions of this chapter;

(d) Promulgate rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the spirit and letter of this chapter, including imposing restrictions, requirements, controls, and prohibitions regarding regulated activities;

(e) Work cooperatively with other tribes and federal, state, county, and municipal governments to:

(1) Coordinate activities and permits;

(2) Cooperate with other governments to develop and implement similar or related responsibilities and regulations within their respective jurisdictions;

(f) Develop intergovernmental agreements as appropriate for optimal coordination, cooperation, enforcement, and assistance in carrying out this chapter and protecting the health, welfare, and safety of the residents and the environment; provided, that the Tribal Council shall have the ultimate authority to execute and enter into any such intergovernmental agreements. [Ord. 73 § 4102, amended, 5/21/2020.]