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In order to fish from the Tribal fishery allocation, a person must obtain a Yurok fishing license. This license is valid only while fishing with a certified Tribal guide. Chinook salmon harvested under this license comes from the Tribal Guide Fishery allocation. A person agrees to the following conditions, at a minimum, in order to obtain a Yurok fishing license:

(a) License Fee. The non-Tribal member shall pay a license fee set by an adjustment for each adult fish. The license shall be valid for one day. The license may be obtained from the guide.

(b) Bag Limit for License. The bag limit shall be set by an adjustment. No fish harvested under the Tribal Guide Fishery allocation may be sold.

(c) No Past Violations of This Title. A non-Tribal member found guilty of violating this title within the previous three years shall be ineligible to harvest fish from the Tribal fishery within the Yurok Reservation.

(d) Tribal Guide Fishery Regulations Compliance. The non-Tribal member shall comply with this title and any applicable HMP or adjustment.

(e) State Fish and Game Regulations Compliance. The non-Tribal member shall comply with all California Fish and Game regulations regarding gear type and, for fish from the California allocation, daily bag limits and possession limits.

(f) Harvest State Allocation Chinook First. If the non-Tribal member has a California fishing license for the harvest of Chinook salmon, those Chinook must be harvested before any Chinook salmon is harvested from the Tribal allocation.

(g) Submission to Tribal Court Jurisdiction. The non-Tribal member shall consent to Tribal Court jurisdiction for any violation of this title, applicable HMP or adjustment, or any other dispute arising under the Yurok fishing license. [Ord. 44 § 1607, adopted, 7/23/2015.]