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(a) All subsistence salmon and all steelhead must have the dorsal fin completely removed to within one­half inch of the fish’s back, except Chinook salmon that meet Elders’ Fishery requirements in YTC 17.20.110 are not to be clipped. The dorsal fin must be removed prior to cleaning, gutting, or transporting and within 15 minutes of first handling the fish. Any salmon taken in the Middle or Upper Klamath, including salmon to be smoked for commercial use, must be clipped. Failure to clip the dorsal fin on a Chinook defined as subsistence will create the rebuttable presumption that the fish is a commercial fish.

(b) A person commits a level three offense if the person possesses an unclipped salmon or steelhead:

(1) Outside of the estuary without a commercial use permit; or

(2) Within the estuary without a commercial fishing license or without meeting Elders’ Fishery requirements; or

(3) On land without a commercial use permit. [Ord. 44 § 1305, adopted, 7/23/2015.]