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(a) Interference Prohibited. Adjustments may be adopted as necessary to ensure that no fishing occurs which may interfere with any scientific study authorized by the Tribe.

(b) Test Fisheries. Test fisheries, including trapping, netting, and electrofishing, may be conducted by employees of fisheries management agencies working on the Reservation for resource management purposes. Both Tribal and non-Tribal agencies and personnel must obtain a permit to conduct such studies from the Tribal Council. Tribal members may observe test fishery operations by making arrangements with the agency conducting the activity.

(c) Notice. Notice of a scientific study or test fishery shall be posted at the Klamath and Weitchpec Tribal administrative offices, the Requa boat ramp, and other places as determined by the Tribal Council.

(d) Collection of Coded Wire Tags and Cooperation with Fish Monitors. Fishers are required to cooperate with fish monitors. The snouts of Chinook with an adipose fin clip must be given to Yurok Tribal Fisheries Program staff upon request. The information obtained from the coded wire tags recovered from such fish is critical to the successful management of Klamath River fall Chinook. Sampling must be allowed even if the fish have been packed in ice or are intended for commercial use.

(e) A person commits a level three offense if the person interferes with a properly noticed scientific study or test fishery, or fails to provide a snout of a Chinook salmon upon request. [Ord. 44 § 1222, adopted, 7/23/2015.]