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(a) Sturgeon fishing by eligible fishers is generally permitted except:

(1) Barter and Sale Prohibited. Sturgeon are subsistence fish, but no fisher shall barter, trade, or sell sturgeon for commercial or subsistence use. Sturgeon is only for direct subsistence by a Tribal member and his or her family and may not be bartered with anyone, including with Tribal members.

(2) Release of Large Sturgeon. A fisher shall release all sturgeon six feet or longer, measured in a straight line from the nose to the tip of the tail.

(3) Holding of Sturgeon. A fisher shall not hold sturgeon alive, except while the fisher is tending his or her net or processing fish on site. Any sturgeon found alive shall be released if it appears healthy enough to survive, otherwise the sturgeon will be confiscated and distributed to elders.

(4) Harvest Number. A fisher shall not harvest more than one sturgeon per day.

(5) Land Transportation. A fisher shall not transport by land more than one sturgeon at a time, unless the fisher has a valid transportation permit issued by the Yurok Tribal Fisheries Program or the Yurok Tribe Department of Public Safety on the day the sturgeon was harvested and names that person as eligible to transport.

(6) As otherwise provided in this title or an adjustment.

(b) A person commits a level three offense if the person violates this section. A violation of each subsection shall constitute a separate offense. [Ord. 44 § 1221, adopted, 7/23/2015.]