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(a) Authorized Gear. Eligible fishers may use the following gear:

(1) Set net;

(2) Gillnet;

(3) Hand dip net or trigger net;

(4) Drift net;

(5) Eel basket;

(6) Eel hook; and

(7) Hook, line, and rod.

(b) Unauthorized Gear. Fishers may not fish within the Yurok Reservation with the following gear:

(1) Any gear not specifically authorized for that fisher in subsection (a) of this section;

(2) Traps, except eel traps;

(3) Wire;

(4) Fencing material;

(5) Snag gear;

(6) Stunning agents;

(7) Explosives; and

(8) Caustic or lethal chemicals in any form.

(c) A person commits a level three offense if the person fishes on the Yurok Reservation with unauthorized gear, except the use of gear identified in subsections (b)(7) and (b)(8) of this section shall be a level four offense. Any gear used or possessed in violation of this subsection shall be subject to seizure and forfeiture. [Ord. 44 § 1210, adopted, 7/23/2015.]