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(a) Fishers Under 12 Years. A fisher younger than 12 years old cannot fish:

(1) With his or her own net, including gillnets and dip nets, in the estuary unless accompanied by an eligible fisher over 18 years old.

(2) Commercially with his or her own number, but can participate in a commercial fishery under the supervision of a commercial fisher per YTC 17.25.080.

(b) Adult Responsibility. A fisher less than 12 years old cannot be charged with a violation of this title. If a fisher less than 12 years old engages in conduct which, but for the age of the fisher, would constitute a violation of this title, an adult may be charged with the violation if:

(1) The adult is the parent or responsible guardian of the child; or

(2) The adult was the owner of any fishing equipment being used by the child at the time of the conduct constituting the violation.

(c) Violation. A violation of this section results in a level one offense. [Ord. 44 § 1103, adopted, 7/23/2015.]