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(a) Law enforcement officers vested with authority under the Office of Yurok Tribe Public Safety and the Del Norte and Humboldt County sheriff’s offices will be responsible for the euthanasia of any dangerous, seriously wounded, injured or otherwise incapacitated wildlife and domestic animals, in accordance with all established laws and regulations as they pertain to human safety.

(b) All Yurok Tribe Public Safety Officers will train in the use of nonlead ammunition through target practice prior to use in field operations, in order to ensure sufficient skill to accurately hit preferred target areas, including the head or neck. Animals should only be shot from a distance, judged by the responding officer, to be within their shooting ability to ensure an accurate shot. Public Safety Officers will be provided with nonlead ammunition for target practice in order to ensure sufficient skill to accurately euthanize the seriously wounded or dangerous animal. Officers will be required to train with nonlead ammunition at least twice annually during normal firearms qualifications. [Ord. 25 § V, adopted, 9/22/2011.]