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The Yurok Tribal Council finds and declares:

(a) Lead ammunition left in carcasses poses a threat to the health of scavenging wildlife, including species of cultural and ecological concern to the Yurok Tribe;

(b) There is a high incidence, both on and surrounding the Reservation, of sick and injured wildlife and domestic animals resulting from regular illness, and injuries due to interactions with humans (collisions with automobiles, power lines, and building windows; animal abandonment or abuse; and shot animals unrecovered from hunting activities). These animals may be available for consumption by scavenging wildlife after death;

(c) Sick, injured, or dangerous animals may pose a threat to humans and other wildlife;

(d) It is common practice for federal and state agency law enforcement to euthanize injured wildlife and domestic animals via discharge of ammunition into the head or neck when found on public domain, in order to provide for the humane and instantaneous death of an animal in the field, and for human safety;

(e) Yurok Tribe Public Safety Officers can and will be called on to euthanize sick, injured, or dangerous animals as a public service to ensure the safety of the surrounding community. [Ord. 25 § III, adopted, 9/22/2011.]