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The Tribal Council finds and declares that:

(a) Yurok Tribal members have been engaged in creating arts and crafts since time immemorial and continue to create traditional and contemporary arts and crafts;

(b) Arts and crafts created by Tribal members constitute cultural resources, which are vital to the preservation and promotion of Yurok culture;

(c) There currently exists a lack of adequate retail space and opportunities for the sale and promotion of arts and crafts within the Yurok Reservation and the promotion of tourism within Yurok ancestral territory;

(d) Tourism within Yurok ancestral territory provides income to Tribal member families and deserves support and promotion in order to further the economic wellbeing of Tribal member families;

(e) The provision of retail space and opportunities for the sale of arts and crafts by Tribal members and spouses of Tribal members will promote these cultural resources; and

(f) The provision of retail space and opportunities for the sale of Tribal member arts and crafts and other goods promoting tourism in Yurok ancestral territory further the cultural, social, and economic wellbeing of Tribal members, Tribal member families, and future Tribal members. [Ord. 40 § 4002, adopted, 2/5/2015.]