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The guardian of the estate duties include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

(a) Notice Responsibility. Obtain letters of guardianship from the Court and use certified copies of the letters to notify relevant parties of the adult guardianship . For example, depending on the scope of the adult guardianship, a guardian may need to notify the ward’s banks, creditors, service providers, and benefits providers (such as the Yurok Tribe, Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, etc.) of the guardian’s authorization to act on the ward’s behalf.

(b) Accounting Responsibility. Make an accounting of the ward’s assets, locate the assets, and take immediate steps to protect the assets. The guardian may work with the Yurok Tribe to identify any urgent steps that may be necessary to prevent loss, including freezing assets and changing mailing addresses.

(c) Prepare an inventory and appraisal of the ward’s assets and file it with the Court within 90 days after being appointed guardian. The Tribal Court may order a Yurok department or agency to provide assistance with this duty, where feasible and appropriate.

(d) Evaluate the ward’s needs and create a plan for meeting those needs.

(e) Create a simple, accurate system for keeping records of the ward’s income and expenditures and file that accounting with the Court annually.

(f) Protect and manage the ward’s finances by:

(1) Controlling the ward’s assets;

(2) Collecting income due to the ward;

(3) Making a budget for the ward;

(4) Paying the ward’s bills with the ward’s money;

(5) Investing the ward’s money, where appropriate and upon approval of the Court;

(6) Protecting the ward’s assets; and

(7) Keeping the ward’s assets in a separate account that is solely used to benefit the ward.

(g) Maintain all duties and responsibilities as listed in this chapter and ordered by the Yurok Tribal Court until the Court discharges the guardianship and a final accounting has been filed with the Court. [Ord. 74 § 4018, adopted, 8/26/2021.]