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(a) The status of all wards shall be reviewed by the Tribal Court at least every 365 days.

(b) A ward shall remain subject to the guardianship(s) unless the Tribal Court finds a reason for terminating the guardianship (s) or assigning a new guardian(s). The Court will use the status review hearing to receive updates and accountings from the guardian and relevant interested parties. The Court may order services and supervision, as appropriate.

(1) If appropriate, the Court may refer issues identified to the Yurok Tribe’s peacemaker mediation forum or for family unity conferencing.

(2) At the status review hearing, the Court will:

(A) Evaluate the safety of the ward and the continued appropriateness of the guardianship (s);

(B) The extent of legal compliance by all relevant parties;

(C) Consider whether the actions taken on the ward’s behalf have been appropriate and provided in a timely manner;

(D) Determine whether additional services are needed for the ward and/or guardian(s), and order such services;

(E) Review the accounting report and any other agency reports ordered;

(F) Provide a forum for the concerns of any interested party, including, but not necessarily limited to, the immediate family of the ward, the ward, the guardian(s), the Yurok Tribe and its designated agencies or officials; and

(G) Determine when the next status review hearing will occur. [Ord. 74 § 4016, adopted, 8/26/2021.]