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The Courts of the Yurok Tribe shall have jurisdiction over all cases arising under the provisions of this Code and all cases arising under similar provisions of any state or country that arise under that jurisdiction’s codes as related to any conservatorship, adult guardianship, or similar civil law matter that may concern a Yurok adult.

The jurisdiction of the Yurok Tribal Court shall include, but not necessarily be limited to: (1) all Yurok Tribal members, both present and future; (2) any elder or vulnerable adult related to a Yurok Tribal member; (3) all territory within the Yurok Indian Reservation, as defined by Article I of the Constitution of the Yurok Tribe, including, but not limited to: all real property, including fee patents, allotments, and assignments; and all roads, waters, and bridges used or maintained for Tribal purposes; and (4) existing and future lands outside the boundaries of the currently federally recognized reservation owned or controlled by the Yurok Tribe for the benefit of its members.

Any elder or vulnerable adult guardianship created pursuant to YTC 11.05.120(a)(7) will be subject to the provisions of this chapter.

All adult guardianship cases, conservatorship cases, and elder or adult protection cases involving any member of the Yurok Tribe that may arise outside the Yurok Reservation are subject to the assertion of concurrent jurisdiction by the Yurok Tribe and shall be subject to the provisions of this Code which hereby allows for transfer of such cases to the Yurok Tribal Court.

The Court shall construe this section liberally to exercise maximum jurisdiction consistent with applicable Tribal law and custom. [Ord. 74 § 4004, adopted, 8/26/2021.]