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(a) In any action for a determination of parentage or the establishment, modification, or enforcement of child support brought under this Code, the Court may order that parentage be determined or that child support be computed and/or collected by YCSS.

(1) When the Court orders that child support shall be computed and/or collected by YCSS, the parties shall be ordered to provide proof of income to YCSS within 10 days of the Court order. If a party does not comply with such order, then all income alleged by the opposing party may be accepted as true.

(2) When so ordered, YCSS shall act as a referee of the Court, compute the amount(s) to be paid as child support, designate method(s) of payment, and make all other necessary determinations within 20 days of the court order. YCSS shall provide such determinations to the parties and to the Court for placement in the case file. The determinations of YCSS shall have the effect of a child support order upon receipt and approval by the Court.

(3) If a party contests a determination of YCSS, the party may apply to the Court for a hearing on the matter. If an application for a hearing is granted, the matter shall be heard within 30 days of the date of application.

(b) In any action brought under this Code, including actions for the establishment of paternity and the establishment, modification, and enforcement of child support orders, the due process rights of all individuals involved will be protected under the laws of the Yurok Tribe. Such rights will be protected regardless of whether the arbiter is the child support services program or the Tribal Court. [Ord. 50 § 9.2, adopted, 3/23/2017.]