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(a) A marriage may be solemnized and performed on the Yurok Reservation by the following:

(1) A recognized member of the clergy or person recognized by their religion as having authority to perform marriages;

(2) A judge of the Tribal Court; or

(3) A person with the authority to perform marriage ceremonies according to Yurok custom and tradition who has sought the certification of the Court for the person of marrying others pursuant to this Code. A certification process will be established by the Court upon the petition of an individual seeking to perform a marriage ceremony if there is no applicable Tribal law.

(b) No marriage solemnized or performed before any person professing to have authority to marry shall be invalid for lack of such authority, if consummated in the belief of the parties or either of them that they have been lawfully joined in marriage. [Ord. 50 § 3.3, adopted, 3/23/2017.]